Margot is a luxury bar with a rum-coconut flavor in a cocoa coating. It has been produced according to traditional recipes since 1944 by the Orion chocolate factory. The company was later acquired by Nestlé.

In addition to the traditional Original variant, the bar is also produced in a variant with white chocolate, raisins, punch flavor and orange peel.


Let's have a party with CzechBox Party !

Let's have a party with CzechBox Party !

We are thrilled to announce that we have released a new box CzechBox Party. You can enjoy delicious Czech salty snacks (sticks, chips and crackers), legendary Czech energy drink SEMTEX Original and soft drinks KOFOLA and Vinea. We promise that you will enjoy every party at home or on the road with your family members and friends.

CzechBox team

Something new

We are working on something new. We promise that it will be a blast.

Stay tuned.

CzechBox team

New box - CzechBox Chocolate

We have released new product - CzechBox Chocolate !

Let's enjoy delicious and carefully selected chocolates and chocolate bars which are made in the Czech republic. The box contans 17 pcs of luxury delicacies, so let's enjoy a great chocolate ride together.

We are very much looking forward to sending you your CzechBox Chocolate...

CzechBox team


We are working on something big. For those of you who love chocolate it'll be a dream come true.
Stay tuned. We will keep you updated.

CzechBox team

New box - CzechBox JOJO

We have released new product - CzechBox JOJO. It contains 15 carefully selected dragees and jellies from the Czech brand JOJO.

Enjoy an incredible ride with our jelly candies.
CzechBox team

We have new product - CzechBox MIX

We prepared new product for our customers - CzechBox MIX. It contains 15 carefully selected Czech snacks, candies,sticks, chips and coke type of drink KOFOLA.

We hope that you will enjoy the box as much as we enjoyed creating it!
CzechBox team

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