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Delicious box containg 17 carefully selected Czech chocolates and chocolate bars.

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  1. Studentská pečeť - mléčná

This delicious Czech chocolate contains a mix of ingredients - dried fruits, peanuts and jelly. Studentská pečeť began to sell in 1975.

  1. Kofila Latte

Kofila chocolate bar with a unique combination of delicious milk filling and pieces of soluble coffee. The specific combination of coffee and chocolate attracts to taste and guarantees a truly refined taste experience.

  1. Peprmintky

Drawn candy with peppermint flavor in dark chocolate 20%.

  1. Studentská pečeť - hořká

A unique mix of peanuts, jelly and raisins in delicious dark chocolate.

  1. Čokoláda oříšková

Milk chocolate with pieces of hazelnuts. Enjoy roasted hazelnut pieces drizzled in ORION milk chocolate. We make it for you according to our recipe, traditionally rich in cocoa, which gives it its unmistakable, rich chocolate taste and velvety consistency.

  1. Kočičí jazýčky

Milk chocolate in the traditional shape of cat tongues. Pleasure even for your sweet tongues!

  1. DELI - pistáciová

Dark chocolate bar with caramel and pistachio filling.

  1. KOKO

Milk chocolate bar with coconut filling.

  1. Figaro Čoko piškoty - pomerančové

Fine biscuits with jelly with orange flavor dipped in dark chocolate.

  1. Margot

Traditional Czech chocolate soya bar with coconut flavour coated with dark cocoa.

  1. Ledové kaštany

Ice chestnuts is a typical Czech dark chocholate bar with a delicous praline cream filling. The original recipe since 1966, makes this bar the most favourite chocolate bar ever.

  1. DELI - oříšková

Bar with caramel 15% and hazelnuts dipped in dark chocolate 25%. Finely whipped filling with crispy hazelnuts and a thin layer of caramel in delicious dark chocolate.

  1. Studentská pečeť Naruby - mléčná

Chocolate bar full of ingredients. The ratio of chocolate and nuts to fruit is reversed compared to Studentská pečeť chocolate. Larger portions of peanuts, raisins and jelly (67%) are drizzled in milk chocolate (33%).

  1. Banány v čokoládě

Traditional Czech sweet candy bar jelly bananas coated with dark chocolate.

  1. Kofila

Milk chocolate bar with fine coffee cream filling. This is also one of the most favourite chocolate bar ever. The history of the bar was written in 1923.

  1. Milena

Milk chcolate bar with praline cream filling.

  1. Ledové kaštany bílé

This bar combines delicious white chocolate and a rich cocoa nut filling, thanks to which we can indulge in a long-lasting taste experience. They are designed for true lovers of honest chocolate.

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