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Delicious box containing 15 carefully selected Czech snacks, candies, sticks, chips and coke type drink.

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  1. Kolonáda - lázeňské oplatky oříškové

Original spa wafers are still the most popular of all thanks to their quality. The secret of success lies in the use of an original recipe and strict adherence to a production technique that requires the necessary care and time. Baking moulds are made of bronze, round wafers mature at a precisely-set temperature and air humidity for up to four weeks and the nut mixture is sprinkled on by hand before baking to this day.

  1. Strážnické brambůrky - jemně solené

Legend among potato chips in the Czech Republic. We have been preparing Hobž's Strážnické potato chips, lightly salted, according to the original recipe, for more than 30 years. Only potatoes, oil and salt. The simplest things are often the best. Taste them too!

  1. Arašídové křupky

The classic taste of crisps produced all the time according to an unchanged recipe. Peanut nibbles are a popular product of all ages due to their unique and distinctive peanut taste. The basis for production are certified raw materials - high-quality corn grits without any additives and real ground peanuts.

  1. Bon Pari

Hard boiled fruit drops. Bon Pari candy with a distinctive fruity flavor that will always pleasant mood and refreshes.

  1. Bohemia arašídy - solené

Roasted peeled salted peanuts. Real taste of nature, no artificial ingredients. They are so good because they are properly roasted, packed in a protective atmosphere and their quality is carefully controlled.

  1. Studentská pečeť - mléčná

This delicious Czech chocolate contains a mix of ingredients - dried fruits, peanuts and jelly. Studentská pečeť began to sell in 1975

  1. Bohemia tyčinky - solené

They are always crispy baked, beautifully thin and sprinkled with salt crystals, which is why they are so popular.

  1. Pardubický perník - borůvkový

Pardubický perník is a baked pastry product made in the city of Pardubice since the 16th century. It is a gingerbread product where the blueberry filling is placed between two pieces of gingerbread.

  1. Miňonky - oříškové

Wafers with nuts filling.

  1. Kofola Original - plech

A classic Czechoslovak cola drink with an unmistakable taste and aroma, produced since 1960. A mixture of 14 herbs and fruit juices spiced with licorice. The taste experience of Kofola in a can is most similar to tapped Kofola (in terms of refreshment, bubbles). Treat Kofola whenever you feel like it.

  1. Ledové kaštany

Ice chestnuts is a typical Czech dark chocholate bar with a delicous praline cream filling. The original recipe since 1966, makes this bar the most favourite chocolate bar ever.

  1. Kofila

Milk chocolate bar with fine coffee cream filling. This is also one of the most favourite chocolate bar ever. The history of the bar was written in 1923.

  1. Milena

Milk chcolate bar with praline cream filling.

  1. Fidorka - mléčná s oříškovou náplní

Milk chocolate with hazelnut filling.

  1. Lentilky

Lentilky, the Czech smarties, was invented in 1907. These are the rainbow-coloured, sugar-coated chocolate candies.

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