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Great box containing 15 selected candies, dragees and jellies from JOJO brand, get 1,2 Kilograms (2,65 pounds) of sweets from the Czech Republic.

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  1. JOJO Marshmallow

Popular mousse candies with vanilla and strawberry flavors.

  1. JOJO Vexta

Popular candies with a unique foam texture that you can enjoy in apple, cherry, orange and lemon flavors.

  1. JOJO Kyselé žížalky

Popular sour jelly candies with fruit juice in the shape of earthworms in raspberry, apple, lemon and blackcurrant flavors.

  1. JOJO Kyselé rybičky

Popular sour jelly candies with fruit juice in the shape of fish with apple and lemon flavors.

  1. JOJO Zmrzlinky

Unique foam jelly in the shape of ice cream with wafer, strawberry and ice cream flavors.

  1. JOJO Potěšení Jahoda

Apple and strawberry puree. Unique fruit jelly with excellent taste containing 30% fruit in the strawberry variant.

  1. JOJO Veggie

Soft jelly candies with fruit and vegetable juice and also suitable for vegans. Taste the unique combination of flavors - raspberry with pumpkin and blueberry with beet.

  1. JOJO Zelený čaj

JOJO Green Tea brings a unique combination of green tea flavor with peach or lemon. Soft and juicy candies contain green tea extract and fruit juice and are colored only with substances obtained from plants and vegetables.

  1. JOJO Papoušci

Jelly with mousse and fruit juice in the shape of parrots with apple, orange, lemon and blackcurrant flavors.

  1. JOJO Emotikony

Jelly candies in the shape of the funniest emojis we use today and every day. Thanks to their fruit filling, you will fall in love with them. Come play with candies that have juice!

  1. JOJO Medvídci 30 % méně cukru

JOJO now lists popular jelly candies in a variant with reduced sugar content. But we did not take anything away from the excellent fruit flavors, so typical for JOJO Teddy Bears. Another great benefit is that sugar has been replaced by soluble corn fiber. In this way, we cater to consumers who are looking for a healthier way of eating.

  1. JOJO Jahůdky

Traditional dragees with strawberry flavor.

  1. JOJO Lékorky

Traditional licorice-fruit candies with vanilla, blueberry, raspberry and banana flavors.

  1. JOJO Mixle Pixle

Enjoy the coincidence with JOJO Mixle Pixle! A unique mix of jelly candies, randomly composed of more than 80 shapes, 7 attractive flavors and 4 jelly textures. Each bag is original! The candies contain fruit juices, natural dyes and natural aromas.

  1. JOJO Mixle Pixle PRO HOLKY

Sweeten your women's ride with JOJO Mixle Pixle FOR GIRLS! You can enjoy this unique mix of candies in shades of red and pink in almost 60 shapes, 4 textures and flavors of black currant, cherry, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry and blackberry. Fun shapes like a handbag, hat, diamond, comb, perfume or even a bra will appeal to each of you who likes fun and spontaneity. The candies contain fruit juices, plant extracts and natural dyes and flavors.

Weight 1.4 kg
Length 310 cm
Width 210 cm
Height 120 cm