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Delicious party box containg 10 carefully selected Czech salty snacks, energy and soft drinks for all your parties at home or on the road.

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  1. Havlik sticks original

Unique and original Havlík sticks with cheese and salt. The sticks combine the perfect taste of baked bread, cheese and salt crystals on the surface. 

  1. Staročeské potato chips with ham flavor

Delicious potato chips with ham flavor are made from special potato varieties, fried in the highest quality palm oil. 

  1. Kroužky - spring onion potato rings

Traditional Czech potato snack with spring onion flavor.

  1. Emco oat crackers with seeds and tomatoes

Delicious oat crackers with seeds and tomatoes from Czech producer Emco. The crackers have a high fiber content thanks to oatmeal and oat flour. They contain superfoods quinoa, flax, sunflower and chia seeds. They are a natural source of protein. 

  1. SEMTEX energy drink

Energy drink SEMTEX Original is traditional Czech product which is made by the Czech company Kofola. Enjoy the ride full of energy with SEMTEX.

  1. Bohemia cheese sticks

Bohemia cheese sticks are always baked to a crisp, beautifully thin and seasoned so that they taste as good as possible. 

  1. Bohemia křupky arašídové

The classic taste of crisps produced all the time according to an unchanged recipe. Peanut nibbles are a popular product of all ages due to their unique and distinctive peanut taste. The basis for production are certified raw materials - high-quality corn grits without any additives and real ground peanuts.

  1. Kofola original 

A classic Czechoslovak cola drink with an unmistakable taste and aroma, produced since 1960. A mixture of 14 herbs and fruit juices spiced with licorice. The taste experience of Kofola in a can is most similar to tapped Kofola (in terms of refreshment, bubbles). Treat Kofola whenever you feel like it..

  1. ArRashid salty peantus

Roasted peeled salted peanuts ArRashid. Real taste of nature, no artificial ingredients. They are so good because they are properly roasted, packed in a protective atmosphere and their quality is carefully controlled.

  1. Vinea Frizzante 

Vinea has been created in the magical hands of Slovak nature since 1974. Its unique formula has always contained a high proportion of grape juice and elderberry. Their combination creates a miraculous taste and aroma that make Vinea so special.

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