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Delicious box containing 15 carefully selected Slovak snacks and candies.

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  1. Horalky

Wafers with a peanut-cream filling in a cocoa coating. Slow-roasted peanuts, five layers of fragile wafers, cocoa coating and a recipe that has been carefully guarded for generations are a guarantee of their characteristic delicious taste and aroma.

  1. Kakaové řezy

Traditional wafer cuts with cocoa cream filling. Great with coffee or just to taste.

  1. Princezky

A popular light cookie with a creamy coffee filling.

  1. Sněhulky

Caramels with menthol-eucalyptus flavor.

  1. Doxy Roxy

Popular roks candies with a fruit flavor.

  1. Anita

Wafers with delicious nougat cream filling in cocoa coating, semi-dipped.

  1. Lina

Lots of nuts and creamy filling, with a rich layer of milk frosting and a large portion of excellent wafer.

  1. Romanca Premium

Cocoa-chocolate cookies with cream filling with vanilla flavor.

  1. Vesna

Popular wafers with a milk-lemon cream filling.

  1. Kávenky

Traditional wafer cuts with creamy coffee filling. Perfect with coffee.

  1. Mila

A unique fragile wafer with a soft cream filling and a smooth coating on the surface. There is only one Mila.

  1. Seditky

These mini sponges are a tasty snack for children and adults.

  1. Figaro nugát

Milk chocolate filled with nougat cream. 

  1. Figaro PIMS čoko piškoty

Soft pastries with orange-flavored jelly and semi-dipped chocolate. Pims chocolate chip cookies are a great choice to pack on the go. They are an excellent delicacy when sitting with friends or family.

  1. Vinea Frizzante

Vinea Frizzante is a soft sparkling grape drink. Vinea was mixed in 1973 by a team of researchers for Vinařské závody in Pezinok. Vinea was created on the basis of a state contract, the task of which was to produce "a healthier alternative to foreign cola and citrus drinks."

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