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Delicious box containing 20 carefully selected Czech snacks and candies.

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  1. Kolonáda - lázeňské oplatky oříškové

Original spa wafers are still the most popular of all thanks to their quality. The secret of success lies in the use of an original recipe and strict adherence to a production technique that requires the necessary care and time. Baking moulds are made of bronze, round wafers mature at a precisely-set temperature and air humidity for up to four weeks and the nut mixture is sprinkled on by hand before baking to this day.

  1. Bon Pari

Hard boiled fruit drops. Bon Pari candy with a distinctive fruity flavor that will always pleasant mood and refreshes.

  1. Hašlerky

This licorice and herbal hard candy dates back to 1920, but it is based on an older recipe dating back to 1877. It was named after Mr Karel Hasler, a famous songwriter, actor and cabaret singer with a hoarse voice, who made a deal with the manufacturer of this supposedly medicinal candy. If you like licorice, you have found heaven in these.

  1. Lipo - čočky

Lipo - Fruit flavoured candies.

  1. Studentská pečeť - mléčná

This delicious Czech chocolate contains a mix of ingredients - dried fruits, peanuts and jelly. Studentská pečeť began to sell in 1975 

  1. Pardubický perník - borůvkový

Pardubický perník is a baked pastry product made in the city of Pardubice since the 16th century. It is a gingerbread product where the blueberry filling is placed between two pieces of gingerbread. 

  1. Miňonky - oříškové

Wafers with nuts filling.

  1. Tatranky

Wafers with hazelnut cream filling with circumferentially dipped in cocoa glaze.

  1. Margot

Traditional Czech chocolate soya bar with coconut flavour coated with dark cocoa. 

  1. Zlaté polomáčené - mléčné

Traditional biscuits half-dipped in milk chocolate.

  1. Deli - pistáciová

Dark chocolate bar with caramel and pistachio filling.

  1. Ledové kaštany

Ice chestnuts is a typical Czech dark chocholate bar with a delicous praline cream filling. The original recipe since 1966, makes this bar the most favourite chocolate bar ever.

  1. Banány v čokoládě

Traditional Czech sweet candy bar jelly bananas coated with dark chocolate. 

  1. Kofila

Milk chocolate bar with fine coffee cream filling. This is also one of the most favourite chocolate bar ever. The history of the bar was written in 1923.

  1. Milena

Milk chcolate bar with praline cream filling.

  1. Pedro - žvýkačky

Pink bubble-gum with which Czechs have been in love for almost 50 years. This is a fruity flavour chewing with a little boy in a sombrero on the packaging.

  1. Kubík štrůdlík - mix ovoce

Delicate pastry with fruit filling. 

  1. Fidorka - mléčná s oříškovou náplní

Milk chocolate with hazelnut filling.

  1. Lentilky

Lentilky, the Czech smarties, was invented in 1907. These are the rainbow-coloured, sugar-coated chocolate candies.

  1. Sojové řezy

Soya rolls are traditional Czech soya bar produced in the city Olomouc, this is the most popular soya bar on the market.

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