Fidorka is a chocolate bar originating from the Czech Republic, first emerged in 1965. Originally produced by Orion, the brand was later acquired by Nestlé.

Fidorka comprises milk chocolate and a delicate hazelnut nougat. The distinct taste of Fidorka comes from the blend of milk chocolate and hazelnut nougat, giving it a characteristic flavor.

Typically, the bar measures around 7 cm in length and weighs approximately 24 grams. Fidorka is usually individually wrapped, often in foil to protect the chocolate from damage and maintain its freshness.

Fidorka is among the most beloved chocolate products in the Czech Republic and boasts a strong brand presence. Nestlé regularly invests in advertising campaigns that highlight the unique taste and tradition of this confection.

In addition to the classic version, there are other variations of Fidorka available, such as Fidorka with peanut filling or limited editions with various flavors.